Wednesday, May 6, 2009

What have you been up to?

People ask me these days..."What have you been up to?" I walk through life so focused on myself and the events of my life. I don't really believe that everyone is in the same phase of life as me, that everyone has 44 days until they have a baby girl...but i am shocked when people ask me what i'm up to. Is it not obvious? I am painting baby rooms, trying to decide on a feeding philosophy (up until 3 weeks ago i didn't know there were "feeding philosophies"), preparing myself for birth (who am i kidding?). It is hard not to be in the same place as some of my friends. In college, you did not have these things that put you in different universes. I am trying to encourage all my friends to hurry up and conceive...even my single friends.

I joke about not being ready, and being nervous about caring for Hazel, but i have never been more excited about anything in my life; and i have a deep comfort that God is going to give me grace when i need it, and all other things i need to care for her.

Besides that, me and Misty have been going to a new Church called Vintage 242. We really like it, and feel that God is planting us in a community. It is smaller, like 40 or 50 folks, which feels half like church and half like a family group i used to go too when i was a kid...i like that.

Here is a picture of me and my Pregnant wife...

From Hazel Marie